The Barrow AFC (National) Supporters' Club was formed in 1976 by a small group of the team's supporters exiled in the London area, with the aims of providing a forum for the exchange of news about Barrow AFC, organise travel to matches, and encouraging friendly links with the supporters of other clubs. The "National" in the title reflected the intention that the Club would cater for all Barrow supporters living away from the town, and our membership of 150 or so is spread around the country and abroad.

Members are kept in touch by way of a monthly newsletter, "The National Zigger". The name, is a link with Barrow's Third Division past, recalling a short-lived magazine, "The Zigger", published by the football club in the late sixties.

For supporters in the London area, the Club organises travel to home and away matches subject to demand. For some games rail travel is organised jointly with other APFSCIL clubs; on other occasions we travel by minibus, or car. We also enter sporting and social events organised by APFSCIL whenever possible.

Supporters elsewhere are encouraged to keep in touch with others living in the same area to arrange joint travel to matches, and to pool news and views of the football club. And wherever members travel from, there is always a warm welcome home or away on the terraces (and usually before and after the game in a convenient watering hole!)

As a supporters' club we enjoy a good relationship with the players and officials of Barrow AFC. We assist the football club financially, with part of the money we donate coming from our Pontton and Predictions competitions, which give members the chance of winning valuable cash prizes.

Each year members are given the opportunity of showing their appreciation of efforts on the field by voting for their Player of the Year, with the victor receiving an engraved trophy and also having his name added to a shield recording all the previous winners.

Individual membership costs £6 per season (£10 outside the UK), or Family Membership for just £10, which covers two or more members living at the same address.

For more Barrow information try the website The Barrow AFC

For more information and a membership form contact David Leitch

3 Pandora Court
Ewell Road

Last updated: February 2013