Seagulls Over London was formed in 1994 and so has celebrated the fifth anniversary of its formation, in a brighter period, following the troubled and turbulent times at the club. Brighton fans must have been wondering how many mirrors they collectively smashed, how many ladders they unknowingly stepped under and how many black cats they inadvertently kicked, back at the end of the last decade. The fortunes of Brighton and Hove Albion have seen a decline of almost biblical proportions. However things have started to look up. The move back to Brighton for the start of this season has heralded a new period of optimism. New Albion has a lot of expectation to live up to.

Seagulls Over London is independent of the Club and of other groups, such as the Independent Supporters' Association (BISA) and the official supporters club. However, we have close links to the club and, together with all the main supporters' groups, representatives of Seagulls Over London meet Dick Knight and the Board regularly. The campaigns to Bring Home The Albion and to promote the "Yes Yes" campaign owed much to this co-operation.

Membership costs £5. We currently have over 30 paid up members and membership is growing annually. A broad range of social events is organised. The Official Matchday Pub is The Nelson in Trafalgar Street. Main meetings take place on the third Monday of alternate months (September - May) in The Albert Pub in Victoria Street close to Victoria Station, starting at 7.30pm. Representatives of the Club attend regularly: Dick Knight, Martin Perry, Nick Rowe, Bob Pinnock, Martin Hinshelwood, Dean Wilkins and Ian Culverhouse have each attended a meeting in recent seasons.

Last season we arranged seven trips for some of the furthest of the away games and two weekends away at Shrewsbury and Halifax. This season we expect to run trips to all of the 18 away games furthest from the Capital. This will be mingled with social events in and around Albion's home and away fixtures, to make Seagulls Over London one of the most active supporters' groups. Match sponsorship of the away games at Rochdale show that Seagulls Over London will travel far to support the Albion and have a good day doing so.

Preparations for the rigours of the new season, in which match fitness was clearly going to be a priority, required some arduous pre-season training. Endurance, team spirit, directions, timing and alcaholic capacity were all put to the test. The visit, within one day, to all the pubs in the Greater London area bearing the name "The Albion" was a memorable and testing experience. Some weakened, but most completed the course, which finished close to Dick Knight's London home.

Members come from all backgrounds and occupations. Students, in London to study, have joined for a year or so, those moving to the London area for longer periods have also found much to retain their interest. Our eldest member has been an Albion fan for almost 70 years, so there really is something for everyone.

Priority in booking travel is given to members from all over the London area and further afield. We have some notable recruits in Worthing. If the travel arrangements will permit, we will travel with any Albion fans willing to stick to the specified trains for the journeys and to behave in a responsible way. With the prize of Falmer now tantalisingly close, the continued good behaviour of all of us has never been more important. For anyone interested in joining or in finding out more about Seagulls Over London, we would like to hear from you.

For more information contact Paul Whelch (tel: 020 8981 2915 (H) or 020 8981 9400 (W)).
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Last updated: March 2000