The 1927 Club - Cardiff City SC (London & SE Branch) was founded in November 1990, the first meeting being held before a City away game at Gillingham (a glorious 4-0 defeat) in the Britannia public house, as a haven for exiled City fans looking for a chance to continue wasting their time, effort and money following the greatest team in football the world has ever seen.

Membership for the 96/97 season was around 170, which was in line with previous seasons. New members are always welcome as City continue their relentless march to glory during the 97/98 season. Subscriptions are 5.00 per season for single membership and £7.00 for family membership.

Apart from being irresistible to members of the opposite sex, members receive a monthly newsletter which details organised, generally discounted, travel to most home and away matches, social events and monthly meetings offering a respectable excuse to drink to excess. Members also receive the main branch's regular newsletters, priority for all-ticket matches, a healthy 10% discount in the main Club shop as well as organised travel to all Wales' home and away matches.

The social side of things is without doubt the best part of the 1927 Club. Monthly meetings (held at Glasshouses Store, Brewer Street, Soho – downstairs) offer the chance to drink, bemoan the woeful state of Welsh national teams and rejoice in the current world domination of Welsh pop bands.

As well as membership of the APFSCIL first division we also field another team which plays regular friendlies against our 3rd division rivals for the glory of the blue shirt and go to the pub for hours on end. With regular celebrity guest speakers, gigs and an all-too-easy tendency to pile down the pub for no apparent reason the 1927 Club continues to welcome all City fans exiled in London and the south east of England. Members of other APFSCIL teams who fancy a decent night out are also more than welcome.

For more information contact Mike Bruford:

47 Lucien Road
SW17 8HS

Tel: 020 8767 5959 (H) 020 7586 3011 (W)

Last updated: March 2000