[Chester City Crest]

For those Chester supporters who live away from the city, then the Chester Exiles supporters club is for you, we aim to cater for City fans from all over the country.

The Club (formerly known as the Southern Branch and then Chester City Exiles) was started by a group of four people back in November 1983. The aims then were to primarily arrange shared travel to matches and hold social functions with other exiled supporters.

Since the demise of Chester City and the setting up of a fan-owned 'phoenix' club in 2010, the Exiles have been at the heart of the development of the new proud club. In 2011 we became the official Exiles section of City Fans United, the fans' group which owns Chester FC. There is no separate membership fee for joining the Exiles, but all City Fans United members who live away from Chester are automaically members of the Exiles.

We are active members of APFSCIL and have run a team in the Darts League for many years. We also aim to co-ordinate travel and meeting points for Exiles attending Chester away games.

Enquiries to the secretary Steve Mansley:

Flat 8 Cannon Court
Cannon Grove
Fetcham Leatherhead
KT22 9LS

Last updated: February 2013 EC