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The Coventry City London Supporters Club (CCLSC) was founded on 25th November 1976 and is still going strong. In fact current membership (just over the 300 mark) is at record levels despite the Sky Blues descent to the game's third level thanks to the formation of Sky Blues International in 2009, a collaboration with the parent club to boost the profile of Coventry City overseas, which gives SBI members free membership of CCLSC. In all over 250 members have signed up across more than 40 countries. Fees for UK based meanwhile are £10 (Individual) and £20 (Family).

Although we are completely independent of both the main supporters club in Coventry and the parent club, CCLSC has excellent relations with Coventry City FC and award an annual Player of the Season trophy, usually at one of the home games near the end of the season. In the recent past, we have organised dinners and forums to which Coventry City have sent past or present representatives. We also published our own 21 year history back in 1997, a history updated, largely pictorially, in 2004. CCLSC are strong supporters of APFSCIL which we joined in February 1977.

Over the years CCLSC has competed in the APFSCIL darts (1978-2006) and football (1983-2000) leagues, and also entered a team in the Home Counties quiz league from 1977- 1993. sadly the predictable decline in membership following City's demotion from the Premier League means an annual 'tilt' at the APFSCIL darts cup is our only sporting activity.

We are also affiliated to the Football Supporters' Federation and the Association of Coventry City Supporters Clubs and Groups (ACCSCAG). Despite all the changes in the rail network, our aim is still to get our members to matches in comfort and at the cheapest possible prices, whether by organising our own travel or in conjunction with other APFSCIL clubs.

Our main channel of communication with our members is our website, whilst monthly electronic newsletters are also produced to keep fans upto date with club activities.

For further details please contact Martin Garrett (APFSCIL Rep.) on 020 8902 2091, or our membership secretary Sara Robb
Or visit our website.

Last updated: January 2013