The Leeds United Supporters' Club (London Branch) began in 1974 and is part of the Leeds United Supporters' Club which is independent and has existed since 1919. The branch has members from all over London and the South East who travel into London to meet up and travel to matches with fellow Leeds fans.

Branch membership for the 2009/10 season is £10 for adults, £6 for seniors and £3 for juniors.

The branch runs trips wherever train travel is possible. We have a contract with the east coast mainline franchise holder with a guaranteed fare for the 2009-10 season of £32.50 for adults and £16.50 for juniors. Unlike internet based fares this is available to us at a week's notice and therefore if games are re-arranged before we book then we do not lose out. We also provide train travel to away matches for most away games.

Away match tickets require an individual to be a member of the Leeds United Members' Club scheme. This is run by the football club and enquiries for this should be directed to Leeds United. Most of our members are also Members' Club members as this is mandatory for any individual who wishes to apply for away match tickets. We do not offer any advantage for a Leeds fan living in the south east who just wants to see local games as the branch does not have its own allocation of match tickets since Ken Bates changed the ticketing procedure.

The branch hopes to participate in some of the APFSCIL social events.

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For all enquiries please email Mark Burnett or leave a message on 01483 836513.

Last updated: November 2009